Plaza Educativa Mayab is a Project of Asociacion Mayab in
conjunction with the Institute of Mexicans Abroad, the Mexican
Consulate in San Francisco, and the Bi-national Educational
Initiative of the University of California, Berkeley.

The objective of Plaza Educativa Mayab is to prepare adult
students to take required exams to receive their primary or
middle-school diplomas through the educational system of the
Institute for Adult Education (INEA), of the Secretary of Public
Education in Mexico.

Our Plaza Educativa Project formally began in June 2008.  After a
brief recess, Plaza Educativa Mayab was reinstituted this past April
12, 2010.

Classes are given through the website of the Mexican Consejo
Nacional de Educación Para la Vida y el Trabajo (CONEVyT).  
Students attend courses in the Asociacion Mayab offices every
Monday from 5 PM to 7 PM.
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Manuel Bacab hails from the
Municipality of Oxkutzcab and has
been a resident of San Francisco for
the past 3 years.  In his home city,
Manuel worked as an instructor for
CONAFE (Consejo Nacional de
Fomento Educativo) and a
coordinator for the INEA.  In San
Francisco, Manuel has received
training through the Mexican
Consulate to serve as an
Educational Assessor for the in the
Programa de Plazas Comunitarias
en el Exterior.